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Once we have a plan of your yard and all of its important elements, we begin experimenting with locations for the pool. Don't be too worried about getting everything perfect at this stage. We will have suggestions about where to locate the pool, too. But this stage will help you get started on the overall design of your yard with the pool or spa in it. Our computer software lets us easily create and alter a number of plans quickly. And at this stage we like to design your whole yard with all future work, pool house, deck, spa, and anything else that will be added around it.

Practical Realities

While it is okay to daydream about long, lazy afternoons in your pool or spa, you can't ignore the practical realities of everyday life. Adding a pool or spa to your yard will change the way you use your outdoor living area. Plan for these changes now, before work actually begins. Here are some things to think about.


This is often a concern of pool owners. On most suburban building lots the backyard isn't visible from the street. But if that isn't the case, pay particular attention to where you need to shield the view and how you can add privacy. Items to consider include plantings of tall shrubs and trees of fencing. And we can't forget neighbor's privacy and comfort. Placing a pool, spa, or its equipment too close to the property line may not be in the best interests of friendship and peaceful coexistence.

Working With Unusual -Shaped Lots

On a long narrow lot, freeform pool at one end of the lot and substantial plantings create a balance of indoor and outdoor living spaces. Pavers visually unite the house, spa and pool.

On a shallow lot, a rectangular pool fits nicely into the landscape behind the house. Paving around the pool extends to the adjacent patio to expand the recreation area.

An angular-shaped lot benefits from a kidney shaped pool with an attached inground spa and patio. The large, curvaceous pool makes the most of the wide end of this backyard.

In my next post we talk about permitting and building codes. As opening season is in full swing, I would add some tips and product reviews for DIY's. I came back from new expo and seminar and finally we have new and improved products and even appliances that I can't wait to share with you.

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