* Spring Opening 

* Fall Winterization 

* Maintenance Visits

* Free Repair Service Calls 

* Pool Covers 

* Pool Heaters 

* Solar Heater Systems

* Safety Pool Fences 



* Deck Work

* Re-Plaster

* Plaster Care 

* Commercial Re-Piping 

* Filter Repair/Replacement 

* Pump Repair/Replacement 

* Heater Repair/Replacement 

* Tile Band Repair/Replacement 

* Caulking

* Splash Pad Design and Installation 

* Pool Demolition 

System Repairs 

Important Information 

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*Technician $140/hour 

For small repairs we charge man-hour plus parts. We supply and install all parts. They come with manufacturer's warranty, and we can be quick and confident that we will not come back for the same issue. Parts bought online will not be installed. They often come partly assembled, incomplete, with wrong fittings or counterfeit, which greatly affects quality of our work, labor hours and often take more engineering to be installed. Or they don't last long and come without any support. We fully understand that you want to save your hard-earned money, (we do too, and we live in the same economy as you) but online shopping for pool parts, appliances and materials is not the way to do so. We don't do it for our current customers either. Times and times again whenever we wanted to "help" and made exception we regrated that discission. Thank you in advance for cooperating with this matter



Indoor Swimming Pool

* Public and Semi Public Pools

* Municipal and Military

* Homeowner Association 

* Property Management Pools 

* Pre-Opening Health Inspections  

Weekly/Biweekly Visits 

Pool Cleaning Equipment

Routine Pool Services Include:

* Skim leaves and debris

* Vacuum / remove debris

* Clean skimmer baskets

* Clean pump baskets

* Brush pool walls and floor

* Clean filter

* Clean water line tile

* Test and adjust water chemistry

* Hose, sweep or blow off deck

* Keep filter area in an orderly fashion

Project Consulting 

As a certified builder in innovative and trendsetting company of contractors, for residential and commercial projects, founder of DC Infinity Pools will work closely with architects, designers, pool builders, landscapers and homeowners to craft thought-provoking collaborations, in the US and around the world. 

* Pool and spa design and consultation

* Drawings 

* On-site consultations 

* Scope of work proposals 

* 3D visual presentations  

* Specification for equipment and material       finishes  

* Project management - virtual or on-site

* Essential calculations  

All services subject to local codes and jurisdictions. Contact our office for free quote 

Available Packages

Hotel Pool


This service will keep your pool clean, clear and blue, leaving you free to enjoy it all season long. Includes:

* Pool Opening

* Fall Winterization

* 16 Maintenance Visits 

* Free Repair Service Calls

* Water Balanced All Season Long




This service ensures that a professional technician is working to help keep your pool clean by cutting your work load and supplying essential chemicals. Includes:

* Pool Opening 

* Fall Winterization 

* 8 Maintenance Visits

* Free Repair Service Calls

* 25lbs Pool Power Shock

* 25lbs Chlorine Tablets



This service ensures that a professional technician is working to help keep the pool clean, clear and blue, cutting your work load. Includes: 

* Pool opening

* Fall Winterization

* 8 Maintenance Visits

* Free Repair Service Calls




* Pool Opening

* Fall Winterization

* FREE Follow-up Visit




* Starts from $450




* $140 



* Starts from $500

Depending of a pool size and algae infestation, most pools are cleared in 2 days and 2 visits with proper filtration and chemical distribution. If pool doesn't clear in 2 days after the treatment, further diagnosis is required and will be charged additionally