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End Of Year Reflections

At the end of the year, I often find myself looking back and musing about the events/happenings that occurred that year. In any given year there will be good things and bad things to reflect upon. As for bad... events I can't control I can't stress about. We are living in the impact of some world occurrences like still in pandemic, war in Europe, shortage of workforce and materials, discontinued lines.... I'm doing my best to gather information about materials and putting less stress on homeowners. I'm in constant contact with manufacturers and going through their stocks nonstop. Some projects take years to plan or months, so I like to have all answers all the time in expectation of the "green light". I have to admit, I found tremendous support at this as sometimes we have to choose two and three finishes to be sure one will get delivered. And for that I'm so grateful. I can honestly say this year business definitely shifted towards residential department and I'm actually enjoying it much more. We build many same pattern pools for hotels and swim schools and it gets little boring. I find great joy, seeing homeowners, choosing finishes with them and watching their back yard coming together. Most special moments for me, are late night texts, of how beautiful pool is every time they see it for the first time :) first night time, first rain, first swim, first party... so many photos and thanks :) You can't possibly get that from developers, investors and GC's, many of whom never even see the finished project. We still have couple of big commercial projects coming up this spring, but I will be focusing my blog and all my time on homeowners as they're will be majority of work in 2023. I can't wait!

I once again feel blessed to have been able to bring more people to water and teach more kids (and adults) how to swim and just be able to learn more and help more about pools.

With my best wishes for you this Holiday season and for New Years, I hope you keep your "New Year Resolution" and if health, peace and joy and pools are on your list, give us a call, schedule face time consultation, send us a photo of your dream pool and we will do our best to help you achieve your backyard goals. Cheers!

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