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Now or Add Later?

Building a pool or spa is a lot like building or renovating a house. You can build or add everything at once, or you can take care of the main area now and add on later.

Here are the items you should include during construction or installation. Some are absolutely necessary, while others are optional or just easier to install at this stage.





*Diving boards (optional)

*Slides (optional)

*Fill lines (optional)


*Safety items

*Lights (optional)

*Sound system (optional)

*Maintenace equipment

*Sheer descent water features (optional)...

And here are some elements you can add to your pool later:


*Automatic cleaners

*Decks and patios


*System automation


*Shade structures

* Chemical feeders...

We sure recommend the whole outdoor oasis project to be designed prior to any beginning of work. It gives and idea how much room to leave for future projects and it's helping overall planning and designing.

I will cut this series of planning and designing and focus more on openings and troubleshooting after openings so you can keep an eye on it and know what to expect. Today is spring Equinox but we didn't see much of a winter this winter so all work started early and spring is in the full swing at DC Infinity Pools. We're busy renovating and building and soon openings will come. Starting next week I believe until Memorial Day every team will open 3-4 pools a day, so I ask you to be patient with us and our call center. We are still in couple of hours call return right now but that can change for 24 hours.

Thank you for being here and happy spring!


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