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Planning Your Pool And Spa

For many people deciding to add a pool or spa is a no-brainer. Swimming pools and spas not only increase the value of your home, they make your at-home time more enjoyable for you, your family, and your friends. Today, backyards swimming pools and spas are becoming increasingly popular. New materials, innovative building techniques, the variety of products, and intense competition among manufacturers and builders have put some type of pool or spa within the reach of many people. It is not unusual for the backyard of the most ordinary house on the block to contain a large inground or aboveground pool surrounded by a landscaped deck with bubbling spa or hot tub.

But while pools and spas are becoming more common, they are not so commonplace that they don't require some thought and work from you, the homeowner. Building a pool or spa or, more likely, having one built is one of those projects that takes place maybe once or twice in a lifetime for most homeowners. Yet the process requires knowledge or a variety of subjects, an awareness of what is available, decision-making ability, and patience. And I'm here to do all the work and shopping for you, to travel to expos, seminars and bring all innovative and modern materials to you. We usually visit 2-4 expos a year and many more webinars and seminars, as well as manufacturing facilities, all in order to be able to learn materials the best way possible and install them or apply the most efficient way possible with craftsmanship that will exceed your expectations. This is a very large industry made up of many small and varied parts. The scope of what is involved often makes finding reliable information difficult but not impossible with us.

If you are a homeowner who have decided to take the plunge into owning a pool or spa and an education on the subject, please give a call and schedule a consultation. Please do so even if you aren't quite sure whether or not pool or spa is for you, but you want to gather more information before making a final decision. During the consultations we will go over #planning stages and proceeds through #construction, #maintenance, #landscaping ideas, and #pool and #spa #safety.

My next post will be about planning.

Thanks for being here!

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