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Spooky Pool Fun This Halloween

I usually share my party ideas and spooky stories on the Instagram, but I never wrote a blog post about them. It's a little too late for me to share some stories (and I have a tone), but in case you're throwing a Halloween Pool Party today or over the weekend, here are some activities for all ages. My kids made up some, and some are just really popular for generations now.

Ghost Hunters

Supplies: Clear/translucent water bottle or balloon

Rules: Fill a plastic water bottle or balloon with water and throw it into the pool. Have guests try to find it as fast as they can.

Dark Sea Treasure Hunt

Supplies: Coins, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.

Rules: Grab a handful of coins and diving toys like jewels, and throw them into the pool. Then, have players jump in and collect them. Whoever collects the most (in quantity or value) wins.

This game is good for any poollapalooza maybe pyrite inspired theme.

Zombies and Survivors

Rules: Designate a swimmer to be the initial Zombie, and have the rest of the players line up on the opposite end of the pool as Survivors. Designate a bystander to call out "Survivors." When the team is called, they must swim to the other side of the pool without being tagged by the Zombie(s). Survivors can only be tagged/converted into a Zombie while above water. The game ends when all but one player has been converted into a Zombie.

Floating Musical Chairs Supplies: Pool Floats

Rules: Begin the game with a bunch of floaties in the middle of the pool; make sure there is one less floatie than a total number of people playing. Once the spooky Halloween music starts, everyone must swim on the outskirts of the pool. When the music stops, swimmers must find a pool float. The person who does not is eliminated that round. Continue the game until only one person in a floatie is left. Tip, please make sure you use floats you don't care about, as usually it gets very competitive and floats get ripped unfortunately. This game is good for birthday parties too :)

Push a Pumpkin

Supplies: Mini pumpkins, Vaseline

Rules: Have all players line up at one end of the pool with a mini pumpkin (slather all of the pumpkins in Vaseline prior to starting the game for an extra challenge). The goal of the came is to push the pumpkin across the pool without using their hands. The first player and pumpkin to reach the other side wins.

Bobbing for Apples

Supplies: Apples

Rules: According to the number of people playing, place that amount of apples in the swimming pool. Upon a bystander yelling, "Go!," players should jump into the pool and, with only their mouths, grab an apple. The first player to get back out of the pool with an apple in their mouth wins.

Cauldron of Mystery

Supplies: Caldron, Trinkets (plastic fishing worms, gummy eyeballs, vampire teeth, plastic spiders, etc.

Rules: Fill up a cauldron with gross/weird items for guests to stick their hands into and guess the object they touch. The person who correctly guesses the most objects in a designated amount of time (say 30 seconds) wins.

However you celebrate, don't forget to have a designated lifeguard and keep glass of the deck. Happy Halloween! Jelena

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