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Taking the First Steps in Planning

Planning introduces you to the subject, including tips on selecting the best type of pool or spa for you and your family. You will be surprised at how many different kinds are available. Information found here will help you assess your yard with regard to slope, shape, and soil composition. It will also get you started in sketching out plans for your private recreation area. In addition, I will help you hire and work with the right company.

Selecting a pool or spa means dealing with all of the options open to you, and DC Infinity Pools puts you right in among all of those choices. We will outline the pros and cons of each material used in the building or manufacturing pools and spas. There are more materials available than you may be aware of, and they all have different building requirements. Armed with the information, you will be able to select the products that best suit your needs.

Some parts of the pool and spa, buying and building experience are more enjoyable than others. Many people find planning and selection more fun than choosing the equipment - the pumps, filters, and heaters and features. Good news is that if you are working with a qualified builder or dealer they can size and select the equipment. The better news is that I will give you the background to make sure you get the best components.

Not all pool and spa equipment is of equal importance. Some, such as the pump and filtration system, are necessary. Your local building codes may require they be part of your project. Other types of equipment, however, are not necessary but they can increase your enjoyment. We will go over all accessories and fun stuff, like timers, covers, lights, robo cleaners, shade accessories and much more.

So let's begin with an important piece of advice: before you play, do a little homework. Start by thinking of your new pool or spa for what really is- a major home improvement project that is going to require you to make decisions, hire right professionals, maybe do some of the work yourself and, of course, pay the bills.

No matter which type of pool or spa you choose, it will be the only one element in the overall design of your outdoor living space. You may want to build a deck or patio around the pool for sunning and entertaining, install lighting, add new landscaping, and perhaps add a shed or a pool house for storing equipment or changing in and out of swimwear.

However, your home paradise doesn't have to be done all at once. Some things, such as a large multilevel redwood deck or a flagstone patio enclosed by a garden wall, can be postponed. Just be sure to allot the necessary space for them. But it is a good idea to rough-in pool related items, such a heaters or fountains that you may want to add in the future. It is generally more expensive if you do major renovation later.

Let me hear your thoughts in planning and I'm sure I can answer most of your questions.

In my next post, we will talk about uses for your pool.

Thanks for being here!


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