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Tidy Up of Your Outdoor Living Space

Is that time of the year. Pool parties, backyard barbecues, and outdoor entertaining. Homeowners are busy getting outdoor living spaces ready to enjoy. I outlined some quick tips that you can use and share with whoever needs inspiration when getting ready for outdoor season.

Inspect and Repair

Now is great time to inspect the deck, patio, and fence for cracks, loose boards and railings and make the necessary repairs. We can help with power washing, caulking, tile repairs, coping repair... just call for free estimate.

Keep Pests Out

Say goodbye to unwelcome pests with a quick call to schedule a pest control service or add a bug sweep to the pool and patio.

One product I highly recommend in fight with mosquitos, and smell so good you want to burn it inside your house too, is essential oil outdoor incense sticks. Fragrant with a blend of oils such as sage, cinnamon, and cedar, this incense from Floral Society uses essential oils to chase off insects. You can also use the one you already have. They don't necessarily need to be designed for outdoors. I just go with few of them at the same time as they are shorter and burn shorter time.

Secure the Perimeter

Protect and secure the backyard and the pool area with properly functioning hardware for fences, gates, and the pool. Protect against unwanted guests (wild life) or add to safety of your pool with Trident Magnetic Pool Latch. You can upgrade and add video monitoring to your pool. Here are some products that we recommend.

Glow ON

Add ambience with outdoor lighting and perk up garden beds and pots with colorful planting.

I hope you're inspired to go outside, make a round and find things around your backyard that you can improve. Your backyard will thank you later with your peace of mind and relaxed and inviting space you deserve. Most of the products you can find at Leslie's or amazon. Thank you for being here!

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