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Uses For Your Pool And Spa

How do you plan to use your pool and spa, will help determine the type of pool and spa you will need. Throw the dimensions of your yard into the equation, and you should be able to come up with rough plan that gives an idea of the size and shape of pool and spa that is right for you, as well as some idea about where to put them in your yard. Of course, there is lot more to think about, including your budget, but start slowly. Start the planning process by thinking about the things you and your family enjoy the most. Here are some ideas.

A recreation center

This is probably the most popular type of pool. It's where you and your family and friends hang out and have some good times. If spending an afternoon splashing around on a float is your idea of a swim, perhaps an aboveground pool might be for you. Or you can opt for an inground pool that has constant depth, let's say about 4 feet. Both are good choices especially if small children will be using the pool. The depth accommodates most pool games and is still enough to swim for exercise.

If you decide to add a diving board, the pool will need a deep end. Recommendations vary, but plan on a depth of about 9-11 feet in the diving area, which should extend out a minimum of approximately 12 feet in front of the diving board. Other amenities to consider for a recreation center include slides and a nearby spa.

Lap pool

Lap pools are for those who want to exercise regularly by swimming. A 3 1/2 foot shallow and 5 foot deep end is typical. An Olympic size pool is 25 meters long a little over 82 feet. Most yards don't have that kind of space, but if you can accommodate a pool that is 30 to 40 feet long or more and 8 to 10 feet wide, you will be able to do some serious training. The pool should have flat, parallel walls and painted or tiled lap line and turning targets in the floor.

for those who don't want to swim laps but plan on doing water aerobics, length isn't important. As long as the pool is 4 feet deep, you'll get a good workout.

Of course nothing says you can't have a pool that lets you do both: float away a hot afternoon, and train for the next Olympics. If you have the space in your yard, it is possible to combine the long, narrow shape of the typical lap pool with a large constant-depth area for pool games.

A relaxation center

A good soak in a swimming pool can certainly relax you. But to relieve the tensions of the day or pamper sore muscles, nothing beats a session in a spa or hot tub. Many people who build a pool include either an inground or portable spa as part of the package. As with pools, there is a lot to choose from here. Inground versions compliment the design of the larger pool. Usually, they are built right into the pool where they share pumps, filters and heaters. Sometimes they are built right next to them, and with separate systems so pool can be winterized and spa can be used all winter long. They can even be combined structure but two separate systems for winterization. One solution is also portable spa or hot tub. Portable spas are self-contained units with pumps, filters a heater and sometimes lighting built right into the unit.

Architectural plus

Sometimes a pool is just a plus and adds to value of your home or to overall architectural design or decor. In that case you should leave up to designer to put together a design that will add value of every form but mostly art and overall decor.

Pool can have so many uses, for physical or mental wellbeing or just for fun or parties. It's important to create a vision of what would you like to do with your pool and also to include the whole family and of course pets count too. When choosing finishes this is especially important. Some materials are more durable than others. High traffic pools even in residential yard could well use commercial grade finishes. Especially if homeowners already remodeled couple of times.

We go thought all this options at consultations and much more.

In my next post - planning! We will create a plan, go through items to include, survey maps... as always, thanks for being here!


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