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Winterize Or Extend Summer?

In another words, cover or heater? :)

Whatever you prefer at the moment, we can help with both. As we started both winterizations and heater installations or swap of the appliances, I have to admit this was shortest summer ever, I would love to extend mine at least for couple of more weeks :)

Covers are coming non stop and we're busy installing. We added another fabricator to our list. Just due to shortages and price jumps that confuse me and disappoint me every time, I realized fast that I have to do more for my customers. Pre pandemic, we never had issues with delivering product (especially the one that is top of the line in quality and price) so LoopLoc was the only brand we offered since the opening the business. However, last year we barely sold few, price tripled, delivery took about 2 months and we also had some cancelations, so we asked around, and now we're proud to say we're on the list of Mayco dealers, or sales representatives. Sales are coming back and production and delivery is much shorter. Let's hope we never need support because it takes longer to deliver quote than LoopLoc, so I'm a little afraid that support wouldn't be as good, but for now it's important that I can deliver product in much shorter time frame. We will still continue to offer LoopLoc since their quality of product (for those that really need safety covers not just regular custom covers) is unparalleled. It's bitter/sweet that this industry is so persistent and rarely suffers from any economic or other shock, so nobody has to compete like we see in auto industries (extended warranties, of financial benefits, or marketing allowances...). Different business models deliver different experiences and I'm just here for transparency and let customers decide what they think is right for them. I think when it comes to covers, price definitely reflects quality and longevity.

Call us for a quote about your new custom cover. We offer discount for replacement of existing cover, and would be happy to help you choose the one right for your pool.

In my next blog... heaters! and stories about them ;)

Thanks for being here!

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