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Backyard Of Your Dreams

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

If you are thinking or dreaming about a pool in your backyard there are few things you can do before calling a builder.

- Site inspection, survey and lot number that we need when submitting for home improvement permit

- Think about location of the pool in your back yard, keep in mind existing structures (house, deck, garage, dock access etc.)

- Main services like water, gas, electricity

- Wishlist and budget

Next I strongly recommend that you form a list of considerations you wish your project to include, maybe some of these

- Seasonal or year-round (generator needed in DMV area)

- What is the purpose? Lap? Plunge? Party?

- Heating? Bigger pool more costly to heat

- Self cleaned, easy maintenance, (some backyards and lagoon pools have so much vegetation surrounding that even with full self-cleaning system they require at least 2 professional visits a week)

- Family friendly, pets friendly

- Depts of each end

- How will it increase the value of the property...

In consultation with us, we will ask

- Who will use the pool? We want to build a pool with regular bathers in mind, kids or elderly, pets, will it be rented for parties or it's just for you and your guests

- Do you have any water features on your list? Sheer descents, sprinklers, waterfalls...

- Do you have any other features on your list? Tanning deck, built in bars, stools, stairs, wider deck (then standard 3ft.), party lights, spas, slides...

- What shape of pool you have in mind? Did you consult your landscaper? Did they refer any aquatic consultants?

After we get an idea of what would you like please allow about two weeks to get the design ready, usually only few drafts before your approval. Once the design and proposal are formalized, deposit is required to survey the site and submit all details to the engineer for plans and drawings to acquire approval and Construction Certificate. This process normally takes 4 weeks depending on the application.

Then the second favorite day in this journey is groundbreaking day! Everyone is so happy to see their backyard busted in peace's because they know only 6-10 weeks from that day, they will have one thing crossed off of their bucket list and life would be much much much nicer, easier, relaxed, healthier... everything best.

-first we mark the site 1 day

-then we form outside perimeters of the walls 1-2 days

-then we excavate 1-3 days

-plumbing, pressure testing, gravel and rebar 1-5 days

-we "shoot" the gunite or shotcrete 1-2 days + 21 days of curing

-pool tiles and coping stones 1-2 days

-pool equipment, system installation 1-5 days

-pool interior finish installation, plaster or pebble 1-3 days

-fill up and plaster care 28 days

Finally favorite day comes, swim day, pool is open, best day in many people's lives :)

We cheer for you and hope you have a lifetime of good times at your pool, and we hope we get invited to a party :)

We are happy to answer any questions you might have. There are no silly questions, just ask.

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