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Choosing Tiles

Tile will be focal point of your poolscape. You can do your whole pool in tile, or just waterline, raised spa wall, or just trim and transition line. It will be reflection of your style and fortunately they are available in near-endless variety of colors, sizes and textures. We have over a hundred stock styles and about three hundred upgraded styles.

Main categories are glass, porcelain, stone and stone-looking tiles.

Here are some tips to consider:

If you got a saltwater pool, choose durable glass or porcelain.

If you want drama, size down.

If you want a truly show-stopping design, consider shades of silver, bronze, green, gray, red of black

Mix things up and don't be afraid to incorporate both glass and ceramic tiles or break up a monochromic look by adding an accent tile with a fun pattern or texture.

If you want your pool to blend seamlessly with your backyard's natural surroundings, consider natural stone or stone-look tiles.

You can add a touch of character and add turtles, dolphins, nautilus shells or starfish. Maybe some Spanish Art Deco inspired designs.

Iridescent glass pool tile is a sure-fire way to add drama to your pool.

Typically composed of smaller tiles in varying shades, mosaic-inspired pool tiles add and artistic touch to any swimming pool. They also add interest when paired with complimentary larger tiles.

Seeing (and Feeling) is Believing

Photos can only do so much. While catalogs and websites are a great starting point, pool tile is really best viewed in person, where you can see how each piece reflects the light and get a big picture view of how each tile looks with different finishes and coping stone options.

Can you use "regular" kitchen or bathroom tile in your pool?

Stick with the tile made specifically for swimming pools. While "regular" tile is designed to get wet, it's not meant to be used outdoors, exposed to pool chemicals, or underwater 24/7. Tile that has not been designed for swimming pools is more likely to fade, corrode, and crack and need repairs and replacements.

If you are still not sure which tile to choose, email me for consultations and maybe I can help you get inspired. Thanks for being here :)


I shared almost all glass tiles across the post, so to balance it out here are some, ceramic finishes and art deco styles and mixed textures.

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