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New Year's Resolution - Minimalism

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

I often talk about mindfulness and gratitude as these practices helped me greatly in hard times and with my stress management. I learned to be present in the moment, to be happy with what I have. Pretty good start in becoming a minimalist. Also, I don't stress about the future, and I don't stress about circumstances I can't control. Only recently I heard about Minimalism in terms of a lifestyle and not just architectural designs, and I loved the idea of living in a bliss with little possessions, micro plans, protected of people's opinions, of social statuses, of stress that I can't protect my possessions (as three of our work trucks were being stolen in a year, and also our van was robbed for all tools and machines)... just to be free, happy, trust the universe and let go of things. Live more effortlessly with less stress and anxiety. I was inspired to turn my back to over consumption and decided to make it my New Year's resolution. I was just part of society where "I have more, so I am more." But there's a counter movement to the consumers society, known as minimalism.

Minimalists are people who turned their backs to over consumption and decide to live their life with no more than necessary. There's is a sense of freedom in simplicity in not owning much. Possessions don't define who we are.

Minimalism can be interpreted in different ways. Living with the bare essentials, reducing the clutter in our life, to keep it simple.

Now there can be wealthy second form of minimalism. For example, in multi-million dollar apartment, cheap objects are removed, while maintaining a selection of very expensive things. We can see this as a sophisticated form of a consumerism as it still revolves around status and possessions.

Please enjoy these minimalist pool ideas, I think they are stunning.

Nevertheless, the joy of simple living can far outweigh the negatives.

I'd like to think, as I have my traumas, the less I own the less I can lose, and less I have to worry about.

If you overvalue possessions, people will begin to steal.

Do not display your treasures or people will become envious.

Lao Tzu

When the living expenses are low, we don't have to work a lot, and can spend more time enjoying the world around us with a sense of contentment.

As I'm thinking of what to let go, how to declutter, what's necessary and where the true wealth lies, I'm convicted by faith and experience, that being on this earth is not a hardship but a past time if we live simply and wisely.

Beside joining this movement, I have few more things on my list. Write more letters, keep a journal, reduce my waste, go little greener, volunteer more, take more classes, read more books and travel some place I've never been before.

I hope 2022. is your best year ever! Warmest wishes of the season, peace, love and prosperity.


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