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Celebrating Love - Pool Party Idea

Valentines Day only inspired me to celebrate love pool side.

Starting from first date, to dating, to bridal shower, to bachelor/bachelorette party to weeding party, anniversaries and if you must maybe even divorce party :) I think by the pool you will have some great time and even better photos for life. I have to admit, I have never attended the actual bridal shower, bachelorette party or weeding party, but I cleaned up after many, and they seem to have had some epic time :)

Possibilities are endless of course, and you can decorate with only few accents.

See photos for inspiration, and you can ask me where to find products from the photos, if you see something you like.

Some of the tips from the accidents that I heard of, include:

-keep the dance floor at least 5 feet away from the pool,

-have a designated lifeguard because drowning can happen even when the whole family is present

-think about lighting and light accents for nighttime,

-think about clean up, or set up the clean up right away with pool company,

-if you have floating decor, turn the system off or close the skimmers

-get plasticware for drinking and dining on the deck...

If you're thinking about building a pool with potential to rent it for events we have some awesome ideas for you, please set up the consultations.

I will wright more about specific party ideas, when we get closer to summer and planning summer weeding's (I can't wait). And I will also post some venues from DMV. But for now I hope you're having wonderful Valentine's Day.

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