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Onyx Plaster - Healing and Protection

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

When I got that short movie from Google, "Year In Search" my heart broke again as I thought maybe not many people feel the need to #heal in any way like me. I figured I'm not alone, this IS actually global pandemic and the proportion of it just hit me like a brick.

"In 2020, Google's "Year In Search" showed internet users asking "why?" in unprecedented numbers as they attempted to find meaning behind the catastrophic global events that defined the moment. This year, the search data reflects a world that is actively coping as "how to heal" becomes the most prominent search.

Google's two-minute video features a reel of the year's the most influential moments, many of which put mental wellness and self-care at the forefront. Emphasizing a need to bounce back from the traumas that affected so many in 2020, we are shown people acknowledging the pain but also the joy they have experienced over the last year."

If you are about to search to see the movie, be prepared to see Naomi Osaka as well as Gabby Douglas pulling out of the Olympics to care for their mental health. Athletes are some of the mentally strongest people that we know. Now athletes of their caliber pulling out of the Olympics (we all know what's Olympics for them) with the whole team of people working on their mental and physical wellbeing, I was really afraid. What's with us regular folks who don't have anyone to call or just lost that person, no counseling, no therapy no resources, how is everyone holding up...

My search of healing is just one. So, crystals and energy got my attention as for a while I can't seem to snap out of a bad energy. I lost family members, was a victim of random theft and pandemic, disconnect and uncertainty just broke me. Also, I had to balance transparency with my clients with shortages of everything essential to business (materials, chemicals, working people... list goes on forever) and not add to their stress if they had some, and pretend that everything will be all right when only I knew I'm on my last 10 tablets of chlorine today and next delivery is in a month (turned out, I stressed for no reason, every project was finished on time and pools sparkled all summer and from clients I got nothing but an abundance of understanding and support, I'm so thankful). Well, that's when I got out of the office and back on the field again, as caring for pools, plasters and routine maintenance wasn't something I was doing in years since business grew. But it helped me tremendously to cope with my losses, see the people and be outside, as essential business and just stay as positive as I could. Dancing water, or moving water just cleanse my soul like magic and all negative thoughts go away. I usually manage to meditate few minutes while I'm vacuuming.

I was thinking for days how can I incorporate the word #healing into my job (pools) and not go to health and wellness category, but to go to construction or renovation category. And that's when I got an idea to just turn to crystal healing and incorporate Onyx, this very powerful stone into plasters, from now on.

Meaning & Energy

"Onyx is a stone that offers up powerful vibrations or protection, strength, focus, and willpower. This stone is here to continuously push you forward in your life. By activating your roots, solar plexus, and third eye chakras, one is able to fully ground themselves to earth. Not only onyx give you a jolt of energy to get up and start pursuing your dreams, but also protect you on your new journey. Simply carrying this stone or wearing Onyx daily will provide a shield around ones aura, refusing to allow negative energy to attach itself to you. This stone has been used as a protection for thousand of years and is still one of the strongest protection stones we know of." source-

When homeowners consult with me about choosing plaster color, as I always present the whole spectrum of pebbles and plasters, most of them lately go straight for the darkest shade as it's been a trend for a while now. Maybe just intuitively or maybe because they had similar idea in their mind. So far mixes contain more expensive black beach pebbles from most exotic destinations from the world like Madagascar, Hawaii etc. We can incorporate just about any pebbles. That means we can add any crystal you like, or quartz, whatever is close to your heart, your healing, some are connected to your zodiac, any semi-precious stone you believe can help you, we can incorporate it in your pool project. If you have little knowledge about crystals and healing, you are familiar with how they attract and release their energy and it's all connected to water on Erath and moon phases. Since your crystals are in your pool, you will never have to worry about that as the actual Moon will do all the work for you, and you will have that great source of positive energy and protection in your back yard, to enjoy it to heal next to it, to meditate to it, to share it with your loved ones...

I would love to hear what do you think of this? Would you incorporate it in your pool project, maybe not in plaster, maybe just as trim tile? Possibilities are endless.

See all beautiful pebble finishes bellow and email me for a quote

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