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The State of "Your Pool"

Spring is in full swing and for us that means openings, repairs and renovations started all at once. So my schedule got in a way of blogging, as well as politics last week, as we all heard probably, this world is in troubled state and President's "State of the Union" speech didn't help me feel better for some reason. For those of you expecting my personal opinion about the talk, that will not happen here. I'm your pool gal and my personal political opinions should have no place in my role in trying to help you with your pool. But that speech inspired me to ask YOU, what is the condition and state of your pool? How is IT doing? Does it need a lift? A touch up? A tidy up? or it's just perfect as is?

Spring is perfect time for any repair needed or renovation.

Some bigger renovations and complete makeovers, we schedule a year in advance, so right now we would be booking spring of 2023. But we can still afford to book some small renovations like #tilebandreplacement #copingstonereplacement maybe leak detection, or skimmer replacement, or touch ups like caulking, pressure washing, acid wash, or of course we offer swap or repair of heaters, pumps, filters, chlorinators, salt cells, UV lamps, and cleaning devices and chemicals... Just give us a call and I'm sure we can help you have your pool open for Memorial Day.

The last several years have tried us in so many ways. Between the pandemic and its reverberations, the inflation rate and the potential of World War 3 with threats of nuclear devastation, we have all been subjected to more stress than ever. Please take time to prepare, focus and evaluate the "State Of YOU" too, and take necessary steps to ensure that next year you can honestly say that you are "better off" now than you were the year(s) before.

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