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UV Sanitizer

Only last week I got few questions about what is UV pool system? Our client who has it already installed, asked me if that's necessary, how does it work, what does it do? Some homeowners asked me how often needs servicing? Some want to reduce chemicals, so they asked me about solutions... I will go straight to it, and I hope I can answer all questions in this post (although the topic is wide and I will probably update this post couple of times).

I love UV systems so much I hope they become mandatory part of every pump room in the nearest future.

Simple explanation is that UV harnesses the power of ultraviolet light to eliminate microorganisms, lower chemical usage, and eliminate toxic by-products. With UV system, your pool or hot tub will be safer, healthier and easier to manage than traditional sanitation methods. UV system is excellent secondary disinfectant, to eliminate Chloramines, and eliminates need of non chlorine shock.

Q! What is an Ultraviolet (UV) Pool Sanitizer?

Ultraviolet pool sanitizer utilize a cutting-edge, non-chemical process that uses germicidal UV light rays to sanitize water, air and surfaces that may be contaminated. Ultraviolet pool sanitizer emit a high intensity germicidal light ray that alters or disrupts the DNA or RNA of targeted organisms such as algae, bacteria, viruses, cysts and protozoa. The highly concentrated electromagnetic energy also destroys organic matter, eliminating the formation of dangerous chlorine by-products.

Q! How Much Does UV Pool System Cost?

For your pool at home, the prices of UV pool sanitizers vary. They can cost as little as $500 or a much as $4000. On average, you're looking at around $2000 for a system that will do the job right and last several years.

Each Brand is different, so it's best to look into each pool UV system option before you buy one to get an idea of how the various options differ. In general, the main factors that affect the price are:

* the bulb size

* how many gallons per minute you want your UV sanitizer to handle.

This prices only apply to residential pools, and they're far less expensive than a system that's made for an industrial pool. For those pools, you'd be looking at a cost of anywhere from $50,000 do $100,000.

Q! If chlorine is used after UV installation, will the chlorine smell still be present?

One of the side benefits of the Ultra UV system, is their ability to reduce or eliminate mono-chloramine in the pool water. Chloramines are the by-products of chlorination and they are "chlorine smelly" odor associated with chlorinated pools. With proper UV sizing and chemical maintenance, the chloramine "chlorine" odor can be eliminated and the pool returned to a safe and enjoyable environment.

Q! How much electrical power is required to operate the UV system?

Another one of big advantages to the UV Pool sanitizer is their low power draw and resulting low operating cost. Even an UV system with 3 lamps draws less power than a 200W bulb. All UV systems are cord connected (subject of requirements of the jurisdiction where the unit is being installed) plugs used in most countries are normally available.

Q! What is the life of the UV lamp(s)?

All UV systems incorporate low pressure, high output, long life UV-C lamps. All UV lamps are rated at 13,000 hours or (18 months) of useful life. The pool owner should not be confused by the fact that a lamp is still glowing after this useful life, as a lamp losses its killing power at the lamp End-Of-Life (EOL) and should be replaced to bring the UV pool sanitizer unit back to its design output.

Manufacturers give 1-3 years warranty on their products and replacement parts.

Pool equipped with a UV systems are considered one of the safest. With UV there is no residual that enters the pool and all sanitation is done inside the UV chamber which is housed inside the unit. There is no chemical emitted by the UV system, unlike other forms of sanitation. Furthermore, the UV system enables pool and spa owners to significantly reduce the content of harmful chemicals.

I will continue to advocate for UV systems, as I see first hand, the difference this systems make in quality of water, clarity and easy maintenance. NY State for now is the only state to make this systems mandatory for all public waters but I truly hope this spreads around the country. This systems of sanitation are used widely in other industries where sanitation is absolute priority.

As always, thank you for being here and have an amazing day!

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