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Can I keep My Pool Open All Winter?

We have only few, but the answer is yes!

There are some pros and cons like, you will save money on winterization costs, covers and pool supplies, and also opening costs and potential algae treatments, but you will spend more on electricity bill.

Pools are easier to maintain in the winter. You will need lees chlorine (or any sanitizer).

You don't have to clean as often as in summer time. After all debris and leaves falls, you will catch a break in cleaning.

You can use your heater, but if you don't have one your pool can still be open. Actually, heaters and salt chlorinators don't work at winter. Heaters stop working well, when is below 50F and Salt Chlorinators don't generate chlorine when the water temperature is at 60F, so you will have to drop in floating chlorinator or any alternative.

If you don't have generator, the risk of freeze is real from a power outage and damage can be costly. The main and number one thing is to keep the water constantly running to prevent freezing.

We also recommend installation of freeze sensor, if you don't have Pentair IntelliFlo. Their price can range form $50 - $250. Some sensors are water temperature sensors some air and some both.

Here is the check list to keep your pool open all winter:

1 Keep all the valves open

2 Keep the pumps running

If temperature gets close to 40f you need to keep your pump running all the time. Even if your pool surface freezes, the water in your pipes won't freeze if all the pumps are running and all the valves are open

3 If you have a heater keep your water on 40F or above to prevent plumbing from freezing

4 Install a freeze sensor for air temperature and water temperature, if you have variable speed pump set it up to turn ON when temperature is at 40F

5 Keep the pool clean

6 Keep your water balanced and check for total alkalinity and calcium hardness as well as cyanuric acid

7 Monitor your water level and make sure is at least halfway up the skimmer

Accidents still happen, so in case your pump shuts off, you need to act fast to prevent damage. Turn the pump off in case power comes back on, close the line valves, loosen all drain plugs on the pump and heater and open air pressure release on the filter valve.

We only accept to maintain systems with variable speed pump and where generator is present, as DC climate is very unpredictable and also power outages are not rare occurrence. If you don't have generator, we believe winterization is the best and safest option.

As always we are here for support, just ask or drop the comment below.

Thank you

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