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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Hi there!

Welcome to place where you can learn, ask or share everything that comes to your mind about #pool, your pool, or just any pool, public water, recreational or therapy pools, maybe #waterfeatures around the city... maybe few #wellness tips from guest bloggers, parenting experts, as well as #construction and #renovation tips, material and product reviews...

I'm totally obsessing over pools, healthy lifestyles, mindfulness... and I think water helps greatly in many aspects of our lives and overall wellbeing. We all know, in "healthy body healthy mind" but how do we get there or stay there? I will do my best to bring more people to water safely as I believe water can help us cure just about anything or make us feel better about current situation. My mantra is to greet every day with gratitude, humor and creativity. My experience is mainly in managing recreational and therapy waters (I saw about 400 pools just in first few years being a head supervisor in local pool company) but I'm on this journey together with civil engineer who's obsessing over #building and #designing pools, who loves #innovation, science and is hungry of learning more and more, and has been part of about 200 projects all over United States. So, I think it's safe to say two of us can help you with just about anything essential to pools.

Oh, where are my manners, pardon me, my name is Jelena. Thanks for stopping by!

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