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Pool Opening Season! long-awaited :)

For the whole week now, my dopamine, serotonin and endorphin levels must be through the roof, as opening season started, and I get to see my beloved clients. When I say they are like family they truly are to me. The whole summer I see most of them weekly. So every spring I can't believe how much kids have grown, furry friends jump around and bring me their favorite toys :') I just feel so lucky to be surrounded with so much positive energy (just to balance out the stress of the construction, shortage of materials, back orders, delivery challenges...) :) it's only few months since I last saw them, but I'm always so surprised of the changes in the family... kids touring colleges (how? I mean, I teached them how to swim when they were 6 (like yesterday), now they are moving out?), house is going for sale, or getting new tenants, or separations, relocations, some grew a little and now we're installing baby fences and monitors... all kinds of changes that make my heart happy and sometimes sad.

Me/us coming, means pool will open very soon, and school will be over very soon and another awesome summer is about to happen.

One thing we always try to do is pass our knowledge to whoever wants to learn. Our long time client said, as kids go to college he would like to save money on pool services and try to maintain the pool by him self. We couldn't agree more, that's easy way to save at least $1K a year, so we offered support, and we will make sure to be there for him every step of the way. First things first, spring opening.

Here is how we open pools, it's really easy if you follow next steps.

  1. Remove and store your pool cover.

  2. Fill your pool up - until midway up the skimmer throat. The most important thing is that your skimmers have water and they don't suck air.

  3. Clean out debris - even though you have safety cover, debris can sneak into your pool during the winter.

  4. Inspect and clean your pool filter - we usually service and deep clean and condition all filters at the end of the season at closing time. So just inspect your media, or cartridges or add new D.E. before start up. Make sure your O-rings are properly sealed. Make sure your gauges are working.

  5. Prime your pool pump and filter - eliminate air in the plumbing lines, make sure to add water to the suction lines with a garden hose. Open the filter gauge pressure and mark your starting PSI. Inspect your timer box for hours of operation or program your variable speed pump. Inspect all components of the system for leaks. Open all suction and return lines, utilize the multi-port valve and clean out any debris in the line by discarding to the waste position. Prior to opening the pool, remember to return the multi-port valve to the filter position.

  6. Test and balance pool water.

  7. Shock your pool water. If your pool has algae, use chlorine to eradicate it. Prior to shocking, be sure to brush the algae from the pool walls.

  8. Get your pool cleaning equipment ready. Check your list for telescopic pole, skimmer net, vacuum head and hose, nylon and wire brush...

  9. Have your pool chemicals ready. Make sure you have muriatic acid, sodium bisulfate (dry acid), soda ash, calcium chloride, algaecide and of course disinfectant of your choice in most cases, chlorine tablets.

Once you've completed the steps above, your pool is ready to be open again! Enjoy your swimming pool season and let us know if we can help anyhow!

Happy swimming

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