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Public and Semi-Public Pools

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Are they safe?

Classes A, B and D pools usually have a highly trained and professional aquatic staff. There will be several layers of management structure. At the head will be the facility director. There will also be aquatics coordinators, swim coaches, lifeguards, a pool supervisor, and maintenance personnel. Every level of this management team has the responsibility of supervision and safety of the aquatic facility. There are also several layers of disinfection so I'm very confident these waters are the safest, although injuries do happen and also some outbreak but in the lowest percentage out of all pool classes.

Now hotels, motels, apartments and condominium pools are class C pools, we refer to them as semi-public pools, the owner quite often could be the manager. The maintenance person may spend some time operating the pool. Even the part time pool operator is required to obtain CPO (certified pool operator) certification. When checking in hotel as I know I will go straight to the pool :) I always ask who's managing the pool and who's checking the chemistry and especially if hot tub or spa are features of the place, I know more training is needed, constant care and I'm not comfortable using those amenities if management is not certified or is of the site. And I'm hoping to hear that pool is managed professionally by a pool company.

Therapy facility pools are class E pools (medical treatment, therapy, exercise and other special purpose) usually have a very small, specialized staff. The pool operation is only one of many staff responsibilities. Often, the routine maintenance is contracted to an outside third-party technician. This facility manager should also be trained and certified.

Negligence of public water is not always obvious, just if facility looks spotless, doesn't mean the water is safe and perfectly balanced.

In my next post I will write more about pool water contamination.

See you there!

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