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Wishlist - Gift Ideas

Christmas only inspired me to write about ideas we can give to someone who loves pools. But you can of course use it for inspiration for just about any giving occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, other holidays, appreciations, to host of a pool party...

Contractors can use them for their gift baskets or giveaways...

I would start with healthy fun stuff, that we can do with our parents, kids, pets...

Sports and games

I think floating basketball or volleyball are always hit, or just a nice light ball so you can play volleyball in shallow end. It's so much laughter with hilarious jumps and landings. Even if you are not athletic you will surprise yourself how high can you jump when in water or how that ball falls always perfectly for that spike you never had as a kid :)

Floating golfing pad! That game is just addictive! Friendly reminder, when playing golf in your back yard please be aware of breakables and glass stuff around, as balls would be flying everywhere. Found that out from a friend ;)

Frisbees and sinking rings are good games for fido. I actually think they would love to fetch any sinking toys, torpedoes, rings, corals...

Next category is about beverages and dining you can enjoy poolside

You maybe had this luxury experience on your vacation or honeymoon exotic destination, and you want to relive that experience. Well now you can in your backyard. Or maybe those destinations are just too far, and you want to staycation in style, feel tropical and fun. Just get some nice plastic ware, safe for parties, safe for winds... it's always a good idea to have all drinkware and dining ware in plastic on pool deck. If floating treys are moving a lot towards your skimmer, feel free to turn your pump off for a while, but don't forget to turn it back on. That goes for everything you need to float in spot and not travel around the pool.

You see this cute cocktail glasses or treys everywhere. Make sure it's plastic (did I said that enough times :) safety first) and safe for pools and you can sit back and bring Hawaii, Maldives or Mediterranean into your home.

Next category would be sitting and relaxation

You can't have too many floaties :) in case you wondered. We know how temporary they are, in my house they are like disposables. I'm happy if I snap one photo before they go flat. But other "foam" ones from first photos, will last much longer, and we use the same ones when learning how to swim, or when exercising legs (like a noodle to hold).

If you have sun shelf or tanning deck, loungers are great idea, now there are even side tables serving like umbrella holders... ask me for more photos if you didn't see them so far or don't know where to get them.

LED accents for your party

They are nice accents to any party and are very popular now. They are good idea if your pool doesn't have a light, or light is pending fixing :) This summer we answered a call of a homeowner who was very patient, waiting for the light to arrive for more than a month. So, they called other companies to make sure it really does take that long. Well unfortunately for some specific and rare items, especially if they are imported, yes, it does take that long. But I recommended LED furniture and floating lights and some more LED toys and accessories, and they threw epic birthday party, I'm so happy I was able to help with that.

Last category would be photo and video cameras :)

Take your time or be that person who will go around and capture the good times. You know we can't stop time, except with a photo! It's just so precious in only few years when we look back. So maybe underwater camera is good idea to see all silly faces when cannon balling :)

Actual pool

If you're not a member of pool owners club yet, let's see what we can do for you to join that club :)

If you have a big yard, you know possibilities are endless and pool can come whenever you're ready. But if you have a small yard, please use these photos for inspiration and book your consultation to see if it's possible to put a pool in your compact outdoor space. Sometimes is very possible!

If you need help purchasing anything from this list, please email me. I had in mind some more items like cleaning devices or maybe freshen up sitting area with some new pillows, towels, throws, fire pits, or maybe wireless and waterproof speakers, or items like sunshades, books, magazine subscriptions... but I will leave that for my next topic.

I hope you're inspired, happy shopping!

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